Swamp Harrier food pass…

Normal speed and slow motion shots of the female Swamp Harrier in flight, along with a pretty poor quality long distance “food pass” shot at the end of the video. I will shortly add narration and audio.

Captured with Panasonic Varicam HS and Canon HJ18ex28.

You can watch this video in the “Video Footage” page (the link is at the top of this page).

Osprey hunting techniques…

During a recent trip to Magnetic Island, I was lucky to be staying at Horseshoe Bay – which has a resident pair of Ospreys nesting in the area. 

The birds regularly hunted for fish from various vantage points and from the air – which I captured in a short video, which you can view within the Video Footage page (refer link at top right of this page). 

White Breasted Sea Eagle takes small fish

During a recent trip with my family to northern Queensland, I got the opportunity to film the White Breasted Sea Eagle catching a small fish.

A classic scene of the hunter being hunted, with the small fish being huddled together by larger fish – which then became the target of our eagle.

You can watch this footage within the Video Footage Page (see link at top right of this page).

Black Kites take advantage of local burn offs…

I had the opportunity recently to film Black Kites looking for prey in one of the local paddocks which had recently been burned. I managed to get some reasonable flight shots, showing this bird at its best. You can view the short video within the Video Footage page (see link at top of this page).

What a great hobby!

I have been having a great time filming a family of hobbys hunting from a local telecommunictions tower, and hope to upload a video shortly showing some of these scenes. In the meantime, I thought I would upload a short video (which you can watch in the Video Footage page) of one of the young hobbys with a freshly killed bird. Stay tuned…

Activity around the Collared Sparrowhawks nest…

I have just posted some lovely scenes around the very secretive Collared Sparrowhawks nest within my Video Footage page (see link at top of page).

Prey is short at the Harrier nest…

Spotted Harrier_VimeoUnfortunately, as I expected, poor weather and a lack of prey led to the demise of the small chick at the Spotted Harriers nest.

This is the female Harrier – who always fed the chick at the nest.

As you can see, she is in beautiful condition, which did lead to the capture of some lovely photographs and video.