Wedge Tailed Wonders…

I had a very enjoyable day today filming Wedge Tailed Eagles performing display flights. This was rounded off with a quick and spectacular scene where an eagle pair worked as a team as they hunted rabbits amongst the rocks. As usual, a fox appears on the scene! You can see some video of these scenes in the Video Footage page.

It always amazes me how much eagles are reliant on foxes for their prey – not that they are particularly interested in foxes as food, but how they use the fox (or steal its kills) to track down or provide prey.

This pair will regularly hunt on this hill in the months ahead, and an adjacent hill will provide a great vantage point for me to get much closer for filming. So hopefully I can post some more detailed footage in the weeks ahead.

You can view a short video of both of the above scenes within the Video Footage page.

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