Wedge Tailed Eagle hunting Cockatoos…

“Wedge Tailed Eagle hunting Cockatoos” video posted to Video Footage page (see link at the top of this page).


  1. G’day David & appox 2 months ago I came across a pair of Wedgies in a paddock close to the roadside fenceline (on the back road to Langi Kal Kal on the Waubra Rd. just North of Mt Misery; Ercildoune) and with my kids we stopped; the wedgies flew off hugging the hill and one had a white cocky in its talons…twas quite a site, never seen it before (the cocky as prey) cheers from Marty Hyland

    • Hi Marty, yes, it is an amazing site! I’m sure it would have been a real thrill for you and your kids.
      There is a pair of Wedge Tailed Eagles near where I live, which have turned to hunting cockatoos during times when the rabbits are in low numbers. Unfortunately, it hard to film – but I am optimistic of capturing a successful hunt in the weeks ahead (when the chicks have hatched).
      Stay tuned. Regards,

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