Filming the Sea Eagles at the Western Treatment Plant

I finally managed to arrange a day filming at the Western Treatment Plant – which is about two hours drive from where I live.
It’s certainly a great location to see many species of birds however, I was keen to capture some footage of Swamp Harriers and White Bellied Sea Eagles. Unfortunately, the footage of the Swamp Harriers was a bit too distant, but I did manage to capture some footage of the sea eagles doing some aerial manoeuvres, and also a half hearted attempt at them hunting the huge flocks of Pink Eared Ducks in the area. An Osprey also appeared on the scene for a short while and I was quite surprised at its interest in the ducks (I thought Ospreys ate fish exclusively).
It would have been nice to get closer to these birds as the footage is a bit distant however, it will give would be visitors to the treatment plant an idea of the scenes they could expect to see.

You can watch the short video within the Video Footage Page link at the top of this page.

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