Square Tailed Kite – trailer

I have just posted a very short trailer video of my new Square Tailed Kite film – which I hope to complete sometime in 2016.

The Square Tailed Kite is quite a difficult bird to locate, so I was very excited when I had the opportunity to film these birds close to my home in Central Victoria.

I hope the short trailer encourages you to come back to watch the full version.

click here to view trailer



  1. My first reaction on viewing the Square Tailed Kite was WOW OMG. If this is the trailer, the finished project is going to be brilliant. Really cannot wait to view.
    Cheers Debi (the lady of the Sea Eagles) if still confused ask Daryl.

  2. Is this what i keep seeing in ascot epsom area. They look very similar- long fingures on wings, same colouring. There are two.

  3. Thank you, they have since been in real close and after watching some of your footage I am sure they are square tailed kites. My children and I are really enjoying the privilege!

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