Peregrine Pursuits

After a long break from filming, it was nice to get out with a good friend on a beautiful Autumn morning to see what was around.

Initially, we were going to do some “back roads” videography/photography where we drive slowly along the dirt roads used mainly by the farmers. This usually gives us the opportunity to film or photography something, as well as “get a feel” for what is happening in the area. On most occasions, it’s just an excuse for me to get out with a good friend and switch off from work.

Unfortunately, there was a thick fog this morning and there wasn’t much activity along the back roads, so we decided “to see if the Peregrine Falcons were still at the silos”.

The Peregrines had been there for years but for some reason we never really got around to filming them. Anyway, with the thick fog, we felt it was worth having a look. This turned out to be a great idea as the birds were there and after a few hours waiting for the fog to lift, they put on quite a show for us….

You can watch this video by clicking the Video Footage link (shown above).

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