Getting out for a few hours…

I thought I would do something a little bit different for my blog site – by capturing more “behind the scenes” type footage.

The rationale behind this is to try to add a bit more interest to my blog site, but more importantly, to give you some context of the situation I am in during the scene, and the gear I am using.

It’s a big learning curve as I set my camera gear up to film scenes I have never bothered about in the past. Scenes where I might drive the car past my camera positioned beside the road, or filming myself opening a farm gate or walking past my camera (and then running back to collect all my gear). Whilst these scenes take time, it is the scenes where I am trying to capture a combined shot of myself and my subject in the shot, which are the most difficult. An example of this is shown in the image below (this is a clip taken from video). In this video, I wanted to give the viewer an idea of the scene as I filmed a Fan Tailed Cuckoo catching caterpillars. This wasn’t easy as the bird was a bit unsure of my presence as I set up and composed the second camera, and then slowly moved into the shot.

Fan Tailed Cuckoo

Nonetheless, I want to give this type of approach a go, as I do enjoy watching these type of”behind the scenes” type videos from other photographers and videographers.

In this first attempt, I don’t find too much of interest to film however, I made the decision to post this video as I get great pleasure watching other photographers videos where they just go for a walk in the bush and share their thoughts.

I hope you enjoy “coming along with me for the afternoon” as I position myself in a “likely spot” (my usual approach) hoping for that once in a lifetime scene to unfold. I am always too optimistic 🙂

You can watch this video by clicking the Video Footage link above.

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